Day in the Life of an Amazon Seller: 2.14.22 Shipment

Sometimes selling on Amazon is fun and sometimes it’s hard. Prepping a shipment is always exhausting, but worth it in the end. Follow along as I prep one of my shipments from February where I am expected to make over $700 in profit!

This shipment was probably 50% RA and 50% OA. In fact, this shipment contains the items from the 2.12.22 shopping trip (plus some)! If you didn’t get a chance to read that post, you can check it out here.

In a previous post, I mentioned my love for clearance items. In reality, it’s actually a love-hate relationship because I hate removing the clearance stickers! Luckily, these were easy, and I got away with just using my scotty peeler. But when in doubt, use the heat gun.

It always starts as organized chaos and a nice box collection! Sorry – had to blur out the photo because some of the items haven’t sold yet.

Label –> Polybag –> Pack it up!

Finally making progress!

Anyone else end up with a mountain of trash after prepping and packing a shipment? Asking for a friend.

5 boxes later, and I am finally done!

Shipment Overview

  • Total Buy Cost $771
  • Estimated Profit $724
  • ROI 94%
  • Stores I Sourced: Walmart, Kohl’s, Target
  • Item Categories: Health and Beauty, Grocery, Clothing and Shoes, Pet, Toy

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