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My name’s Erica & I’m the girl behind Retail Rogue!

I’m a twenty-something year-old nurse turned online entrepreneur. Up until recently, I was working two jobs: full-time nurse AND part-time Amazon Seller.

Now, that may sound confusing if you’re new to my blog, so let me start at the beginning…

In 2018, my husband was working countless hours when he came across the concept of “financial independence.” If you’re anything like I was back then, this concept may seem a bit foreign. But essentially, it means improving your relationship with money so that you no longer HAVE to work.

To be clear, this blog doesn’t revolve around our FI journey; but discovering FI was a life-changing moment for us and also the reason why I became an entrepreneur, so I didn’t feel right leaving this part out.

Shortly after discovering FI, I got the urge to start a side hustle. I wanted it to be enjoyable, profitable, and scalable. This is when I came across flipping thrift store finds and selling them online for a profit (shoutout Ralli Roots!). While this was enjoyable and somewhat profitable, it wasn’t scalable so I quit in 2019.

Our journey to FI continued and it wasn’t until 2020 that I came across Nikki Kirk’s YouTube channel. I then became obsessed with selling on Amazon and knew that this is what I wanted to pursue. I mean, who wouldn’t love to make money shopping?

I began my Amazon Selling journey in March 2021 and the rest is history. Fast-forward to today, I’m now a full-time, six-figure Amazon Seller and blogger!

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“If you live for having it all, what you have is never enough.”

Vicki Robin

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