Amazon Seller & Business Milestones

I wanted a place where I could showcase important milestones I hit while on my Amazon Selling journey and business venture. I’ve promised to be an open book when it comes to selling on Amazon, and this is just one way I plan to do that. This isn’t to boast or brag about my journey, rather it’s to show where I started and what’s possible if you put in the work!


First sourcing trip of 2022!
The start of Retail Rogue!
First time sourcing shoes!
More boxes!
March 2021 Update
Large shipment going out the door!
Blogging my life away!
Sourcing at the Nike Outlet!
1 of my 3 sidekicks!
Sourcing Fuel cup from my Etsy store!
Boxes and my to-do list!
Playing with my new toy!
Going full-time on August 29, 2022!
$80K in product sales for the last 12 months!
Finally hit $10K in my total balance!
That growth though!
August 2022 Update – First $20K month!
Full car!
Shopping at Walmart!
Hit $40K in sales!
That ROI though!
I had my work cut out for me here!
First time sourcing at Ollie’s! My personal fave
Love 🖤
I love shoes!
OA aftermath!
Living the dream!
June 2022 Update
Getting ungated just in time for Q4!
Taking advantage of all the online deals around prime day!
Working on the “big reveal” for the blog!
Figuring out my weekly routine as a full-time seller!
Finally, a proud member of the 100K club!
Great find from the BOLO group!
Fun Fact: This toy tanked in price and now it’s my dog’s favorite!
First OA order!
More shoes!
Retail Rogue featured on Your Selling Guide blog!
Full car, happy heart!
Finally joined the $50K Club! And yes, I just made that up.
$1K Day!
May 2022 Update
Early morning Walmart trip!
Broke that $70K milestone!
Shipping out some FBM orders! Bags by @amazon_steele!
$11K month!
Delivering boxes to UPS!
First time spending $1K in one store!
Sourcing trip ready!
August 2022 Update
Peep that updated Insta bio!
Updated my blog!
August 29, 2022 – I became a full-time Amazon Seller!


The start of my amazon business!
1st sale on March 27, 2021!
Finally got my Walmart Tax Exempt card!
September 2021 Sales
October 2021 Sales
Another full cart during Q4
Ended up being my best sales day ever!!
Then my dog ran in the room and knocked the packages over! *Insert face palm emoji here*
Working on my 1st shipment!
My 1st payout was a whopping $5 LOL
1st IP Complaint😞 
August 2021 Sales
Finally joined the BOLO group!
First time I joined the full cart gang!
November 2021 Sales
I love Q4!!!
Sold $8K worth of this ONE toy in just two days!
April 2021 Sales
June 2021 Sales
Almost a 5-figure Amazon Seller!
The start of my 1st Q4!!
Absolute chaos!
This is when things got crazy! 75 of those 88 orders were FBM & thanks to one hot lead from the BOLO group!
All FBM orders are packed and ready to be shipped!
Ended 2021 with roughly $31K in sales!
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