Day in the Life of an Amazon Seller: $600 Profit in One Day

It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘day in the life’ post because, well, my life has been super hectic lately. My husband accepted a new job, which required us to relocate. Oh, and I had to have surgery… again! Moving and foot surgery definitely put a damper on my sourcing trips.

Needless to say, now that we’re all moved and my foot has healed, I was dying to get back out there and source!

Before every sourcing trip, I try to do my homework and review the recent leads from the BOLO group. This time around, I printed them out (which I think I like more)!

On this sourcing trip, I ended up going to a total of 7 different stores (4 for sourcing, 3 for me). It’s safe to say I was mentally and physically exhausted by the end of the day!

I got up fairly early for this sourcing trip, as I got to Walmart just after 7 am. If you didn’t know, this is apparently the prime time to shop at Walmart because there was hardly anyone there!

The clearance aisle was a bust. I found some electronics that looked like they would be good, but they weren’t. Here’s an example and check out that original price!

I hardly ever scan the home/kitchen sections of Walmart. However, today I wanted to branch out and try something new. Just a friendly reminder to scan The Pioneer Woman items from Walmart. This is a great place to start for new sellers, as you’re usually ungated in the home and kitchen categories on Amazon!

Here are some profitable bundles that I found.

Fun Fact: These Pioneer Woman measuring spoons was the first item that I bought for Amazon FBA! I bought them on sale over a year ago and found them on sale again today. They still make money, so you know I had to pick them up!

I’ve been struggling to find profitable toys at Walmart here lately. I’m blaming the time of year, but also myself! I’ve been focusing more on other categories that I end up being lazy when I’m scanning toys.

Here’s some profitable toys that I found but ended up leaving behind due to the ROI.

I will say though, Lego is my favorite brand of toys to scan and sell. People will pay crazy money for Lego sets! If you’re not ungated in Lego, I highly recommend that you do so before Q4.

I scan the endcaps in grocery first as they usually contain popular, seasonal, or unique items! I also always look at expiration dates prior to scanning. There’s literally nothing worse than finding a profitable grocery item only to realize that it is unsellable!

Next up… Target!

I don’t source here an awful lot, but now that I have one close, I plan to add it to my normal routine.

I’ve been reading articles about how Target is struggling right now due to inflation, abundant inventory, etc. I was curious to see how accurate this was, and it did seem like there were more sales going on. You can check out the article here.

Friendly reminder to scan all seasonal items as soon as you see them! You want to send them in as soon as possible. Sunscreen has been a huge money maker for me this year!

Here are some of my finds from Target!

After Target, I went to Staples. The only reason I decided to go to Staples was because my phone battery was getting low, and I was trying to preserve it for other stores later in the day. Well, jokes on me because it ended up being my best store of the day!

For whatever reason, Staples had so much on clearance! I’m not sure if they are always like this or if I hit it just right. But either way is fine by me! Check out some of these prices.

They also had a bunch of coffee on sale, which is what I ended up buying the most of!

Moral of the story? Step outside of your comfort zone and source at new places. It might just pay off like it did for me this time around!

After Staples, I walked over to TJ Maxx since it was right next door. I started to get hangry (and lazy), so I didn’t scan near as much as I should have!

Here are some examples of things you should scan. While I wouldn’t recommend purchasing these due to low profit and ROI, it at least goes to show how important it is to scan everything!

While I wasn’t in TJ Maxx long (an hour tops), I did end up picking up a couple of different items!

And finally, for the last stop of the day I went to Tuesday Morning! This was also my first-time sourcing here and I’m eager to go back.

Shout out Nikki Kirk for talking about the sales they had going on, as that’s the only reason why I stopped in. And, no lie, basically the entire store was marked down.

While I scanned quite a few things, I only found one item. Lucky for me they had two of them on the shelf because look at that ROI!


Time Spent Sourcing: 7 hours

Number of Items Purchased: 52

Cost of Goods: $917.79

Expected Profit: $586.29

ROI: 64%

Money vs Time: $83/hr

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