Day in the Life of an Amazon Seller: $849 Profit in 8 Hours

This sourcing trip was very spur of the moment with very little time to prep. Luckily, I was already familiar with the area and knew which stores I wanted to go source at. My main priority for this trip was to pick up some BOLO’s from the group and stock up on some of my replens.

I sourced for approximately 8 hours at a total of 8 different stores and ended up making over $800 in potential profit! Maybe 8 is my lucky number now? 🤣

Lunch is packed. Miles are being tracked. And listening to my guilty pleasure podcast with my girls from OTH!

I ended my day and started my day at one of my favorite stores to source… Walmart. On this trip, I ended up going to 3 different Walmarts. Now, I love Walmart but even that was a little much for me!

I’ve been so excited to scan back to school items but, to be honest, it hasn’t been that great for me this year. Such a bummer!

Friendly reminder to check out other areas of the store for clearance items! I found a few end caps and some hidden markdowns in the beauty aisle!

Here are some profitable items that I ended up finding while sourcing at Walmart:

And just a reminder to make sure that your items are in pristine condition to avoid any negative feedback. Here’s a profitable item that I found on clearance but ended up leaving behind because the packaging was in pretty rough condition.

Here are some additional items that I found at Walmart – and sorry these are blacked out, but it’s because I’m actively selling them and want to avoid price tanking!

For those who don’t know, you can get a tax-exempt card at Walmart if you have your resale license and/or tax-exempt certificate for your business. It’s a super simple process and ends up saving you a lot of money! Just go to the customer service desk and they help you through the process.

I wasn’t in Big Lots long, as I only went in to look for a couple BOLO’s. Ended up leaving with 2 bags full!

Here are some freebies for you if you have a Big Lots in your area!

I bought some cheap laundry baskets to help organize the back of my car on sourcing trips, and it’s been working wonders! Definitely makes it easier to sort through items and carry them in when you’re done for the day.

Ross was yet another quick stop. I always go here because I have FOMO, but it’s really not my favorite place to source. It’s so unorganized, dirty, and usually not well stocked!

Here are some profitable items that I did end up finding though!

If I’ve said it before then I’ll say it again…… I LOVE OLLIE’S! If I could choose only one store to source in, it would probably be this one. I mean, who doesn’t love good stuff cheap? 🤣

Here are some replens I’ve been picking up from Ollie’s over the past month or two. While the ROI may be lower on some of them, they tend to sell quick!

And here are some other profitable items that I found while sourcing at Ollie’s that I left behind for some reason or another. Happy hunting!

And for the last store of the day… Marshalls!

This stop was weird as the manager didn’t want to accept my tax-exempt certificate for resale, even though I’ve used it at this location multiple times before. They ended up accepting it, but still annoying!

Friendly reminder to always click through and try to get auto-ungated! Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me this time around. But this product was profitable if you have a Marshalls in your area.

Also, don’t forget to double-check those sales ranks! This one almost got me as I initially thought it said 43,000. I had already put 12 of these in my cart before I caught my mistake!

Here are some profitable items that I ended up finding while I was at Marshalls:

This sourcing trip was definitely a good one! I only wish that they all ended up this way. Now let’s see how I did.


Time Spent Sourcing: 8 Hours

Number of Items Purchased: 119

Cost of Goods: $771.89

Expected Profit: $849.76

ROI: 110%

Money vs Time: $106/hr

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