Day in the Life of an Amazon Seller: Sourcing Trip

Life has been so hectic lately, so sourcing trips have been few and far between. Exciting things are happening, and I promise that I will share more about what’s been going on as soon as I can!

This was my first real sourcing trip in quite some time, and by real sourcing trip I mean leave fairly early with the plan on hitting up a bunch of stores. While I didn’t get to stay out as long as I hoped, I’m still happy with the treasures that I did find!

My first stop was, of course, Walmart! I didn’t end up staying in Walmart as long as I typically do because I was excited to shop at some different stores, but my main focus here was trying to find some BOLOs and replens. I did end up finding one of my replens that I have been consistently selling for the past 3 months but couldn’t find the BOLOs I was looking for. Bummer!

Here’s some items I found in the Health and Beauty section at Walmart that make some money. I decided to leave these behind as they didn’t make the 50% ROI, but hopefully this gives you some ideas on what to look for!

Here’s one of my replens I was after! Sorry – I don’t want to share the the ite details on this one. It was selling for way more, but it is consistently selling for $31.80. I realize that I broke two of my rules here since I don’t make 50% ROI or $5 profit. But I know that this item goes quick so I’m comfortable investing in it!

Here’s some toys I found while sourcing at this Walmart.

Don’t forget to check out the clearance aisles! While I think it’s extremely important to branch out to other aisles, I also think it’s important to maximize your profits by trying to find clearance/sale items.

Next, I went to Kohl’s. I was pretty excited to go here as I had about $200 Kohl’s cash to spend! Don’t sleep on Kohl’s, especially if you’re ungated in some of the premium brands, like Under Armour and Adidas.

Side Note: Does anyone else hate Kohl’s carts, or just me?

Kohl’s was having a sale on all clearance items on this day, which I think is still going on. You got an extra 20% off the lowest ticketed price. Definitely be on the lookout for deals like this so you can maximize profits!

I ended up picking up some Nike shoes and a few other clothing items. Here’s some of the items I found!

Next up was Marshalls and just a friendly reminder to not sell the brand shown below – Luseta! They are notorious for issuing IP complaints, so don’t be blinded by the profit like I almost was. Thanks Nikki Kirk for bring this to my attention early in my selling journey!

I didn’t have much time in Marshalls (or the stores that I went to after, for that matter), but here’s some items that I did find!

I went to Ross next, which ended up being an absolute bust for me as I wasn’t feeling great. But here’s some items I found and left behind.

Here’s the items that I ended up buying at Target.


Time Spent Sourcing: 5 hours

Number of Items Purchased: 35

Cost of Goods: $376.39

Expected Profit: $534.19

ROI: 142% (!!!)

Money vs Time: $106/hr

2 thoughts on “Day in the Life of an Amazon Seller: Sourcing Trip

    1. Thank you!! Target is hit or miss for me honestly, but I’ve been having decent luck there lately. I think that they are slightly overpriced. Definitely some hidden gems there though!!

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