OA With Me: Chewy

Online Arbitrage (OA) has been a huge gamechanger for my business. I know, without a doubt, that my business wouldn’t be where it is without it.

I get asked a lot of questions on OA, which is why I decided to start the OA With Me blog series. In this series, I will share a typical “online sourcing trip” at a variety of different websites. I source online without using any OA software or subscriptions. If I can be successful with OA using only my laptop, cell phone, and Amazon Seller App, then so can you!


In this post, I will be taking you sourcing with me on Chewy! I’m a crazy dog mom, so it’s no surprise that I love sourcing pet products. From cat food to puppy pads, I’ve sold it all and there’s definitely money to be made.

While I’ve never taken advantage of Chewy’s autoship option, you may want to if you find a solid replen as you can save some money this way! Also, don’t forget to activate Rakuten because cashback could be available for your order.

Listed below are profitable items that I found while sourcing online at chewy.com!

Here’s a good find from Chewy! You pay $55.96 for 24 cans, but this listing is for 6 cans. It’s totally legal to separate this case to make your own bundle! Be on the lookout for items like this… I have sold several bundles similar to this one in the past.

While I would recommend staying away from this product due to the low ROI, I wanted to go ahead and include it to show you just another example of an item that could potentially make you money! With that low sales rank, this may be an item to monitor as the price could start to go up over time.

With no FBA sellers on this listing, you could likely price this one a little bit higher. Customers will typically pay more for FBA listings since they are prime eligible!

It appears that this one may be considered Hazmat (most colognes and spray bottles are), so you may have to ship FBM. But both, FBM and FBA, are profitable on this listing as shipping should be relatively cheap!

While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend selling this one due to the low ROI, I wanted to use this as an example to show you what can happen when you join the race to the bottom! I was consistently selling this item at $24.99 and making $5-6, until someone decide to price it much lower and everyone else on the listing followed!

Friendly reminder… you don’t have to be the lowest price to get the buybox or make sales on Amazon! Price competitively, avoid the race to the bottom, and make more money.

Pet products tend to sell well all year long, which is why I love sourcing on Chewy so much! People will always need to feed and take care of their pets, no matter what time of year or challenges that may be going on.

If you were to buy one of each item above, your cost would be roughly $281.91 with a profit of $73.23 and an ROI of 26%!

While these margins are lower than my target, I still purchase several of these items because I know that they are quick flips.

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