OA With Me: Lego

Online Arbitrage (OA) has been a huge gamechanger for my business. I know, without a doubt, that my business wouldn’t be where it is without it.

I get asked a lot of questions on OA, which is why I decided to start the OA With Me blog series. In this series, I will share a typical “online sourcing trip” at a variety of different websites. I source online without using any OA software or subscriptions. If I can be successful with OA using only my laptop, cell phone, and Amazon Seller App, then so can you!


On today’s blog, I will be taking you sourcing with me on Lego’s website! If you’re ungated in Lego, then you know how popular this brand is with selling on Amazon. If you’re not ungated, then you’re about to find out what you’ve been missing out on and I suggest you get ungated ASAP!

Lego is one of my personal favorite brands to sell, as they are fun to scan and usually make for quick, easy flips. It’s mind-blowing to me how much money people will pay for a Lego set.

As always, if the listing doesn’t come up with scanning the product using the Amazon Seller App, I recommend manually searching by product title. While most of the products below were found by image scan, there were several that I found by typing in the product name. Don’t skip this step, as you could miss out on some profit!

Listed below are profitable items that I found while sourcing online at lego.com!

While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend purchasing this particular Lego set due to the low ROI, I wanted to use it as an example!

This one has decent margins, with an ROI of roughly 25% and a low sales rank in Toys.

Friendly reminder to look for bundle listings! Neither of these made money separately; however, they are profitable when you bundle them together.

Here’s a good find! While the sales rank is a little high for me, I would still expect this one to sell frequently and you make nearly 50% ROI!

As you can see, this one’s not very profitable at all. However, if you create a bundle, it becomes much more profitable! But beware of the high sales rank.

You can see how important looking for bundles are by the 3 listings above. These listings are for the same product, only they are bundled differently because love is love!

Here are some additional items that I found!

Another successful online sourcing trip in the books and now you can see why I enjoy selling Lego so much!

If you were to buy one of each item above, your cost would be roughly $433.74 with a profit of $189.76 and an ROI of 44%!

So, moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to source online as it only increases your opportunity to scale your business and make more profit!

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