OA With Me: Nike

Online Arbitrage (OA) has been a huge gamechanger for my business. I know, without a doubt, that my business wouldn’t be where it is without it.

I get asked a lot of questions on OA, which is why I decided to start the OA With Me blog series. In this series, I will share a typical “online sourcing trip” at a variety of different websites. I source online without using any OA software or subscriptions. If I can be successful with OA using only my laptop, cell phone, and Amazon Seller App, then so can you!


On today’s blog, I will be taking you sourcing with me on Nike’s website! I never imagined that I would be able to find profitable items directly on the brands website, but it’s definitely possible. From sale items to full price, there’s money to be made! Also, don’t forget to download Rakuten, as you can get additional cash back to maximize your profits!

I source on Nike’s website by either scanning the product on the screen with my phone like I’m taking a photo, or by manually searching by brand and product name.

Listed below are profitable items that I found while sourcing online at nike.com!

Beware of this one and don’t get blinded by the profit like I almost did! While the profit is great at over 100% ROI, the sales rank is way too high for my comfort level.

If you find a profitable shoe, don’t forget to check out color and size variations! Some colors and sizes are more profitable than others and this is just an example of that!

I ended up not purchasing this one because it doesn’t have a sales rank and I generally try to stay away from items like that. However, I have sold items without a sales rank before. If you’re fine with waiting to make the sale, this is a great find!

Here’s another find with a high sales rank.

This one looks like it is going to be good, but there are product details missing on the listing so fees cannot be calculated.

This is yet another reminder to check the size variations! Both sizes here are profitable, but the size small makes about $3 more in profit.

Here’s another great find! Sorry – the product details are blacked out for now, as I still have a few in stock and want to make sure they sell in case the price starts to drop!

Here are some additional items that I found on Nike’s website!

Overall, I was pleased with this OA haul! While I didn’t purchase some of the items listed above, this just goes to show that there are plenty of profitable items to purchase on Nike’s website.

If you were to buy one of each item, your cost would be roughly $1,331.61 with a profit of $548.68 and an ROI of 41%!

OA is possible if you put in the work!

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