The Sh*t Full-Time Amazon Sellers Don’t Talk About

I’ve envisioned what being a full-time Amazon Seller would look like since starting my journey in 2021. It looked something like this…

To a certain extent, this is accurate. But, I was also expecting…

I guess I was also expecting to have more time and less stress when, in reality, I feel like it’s the opposite!

Up until recently, I was unaware that I had an entrepreneurial bone in my body and now I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. But I was completely unprepared for some of the challenges that I would encounter. Therefore, in this blog post I will be sharing the harsh reality of becoming a full-time Amazon Seller and the shit other sellers don’t talk about.

I’ve been a full-time Amazon Seller for about a month now, so I guess you could say that I’m still trying to get the hang of things. During this time, I’ve experienced a whirlwind of emotions as one might expect going from a very structured 9 to 5 in the corporate world to self-employment.

I’ll be honest, these feelings kind of caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting to feel anything other than pure excitement since I finally have my chance to build my ecommerce empire! But this excitement quickly turned into loneliness, self-doubt, and fear.

These feelings aren’t discussed in the Amazon community, even though I’m sure that I’m not alone. Which is why I’m being vulnerable in writing this blog post, as I want to share my experience and some of the struggles I have faced since making this my full-time job.


First and foremost, selling on Amazon full-time can be hella lonely. I went from having a job that required a lot of social interaction, to a job with basically none. Unless I’m out sourcing, I’m home alone with the dogs prepping my shipments and, unfortunately, the dogs just don’t talk back!

I’m sure that at some point all Amazon Sellers have felt this way, but not everyone will admit it. So, unless you have employees and/or a business partner, be prepared for this adjustment! Listen to music and podcasts, turn on the TV, and network with other sellers. Do what you gotta do and know that you’re not truly alone.


Another feeling that I have felt is guilt. Guilt that I left a traditional 9 to 5, while my husband is still doing the daily grind at his. Guilt that I enjoy my work.

As a society, we have been trained that work is work and fun is fun. It seems like we’re stuck in this pattern and that it’s not normal to enjoy your work! When, in reality, that’s a load of bullshit. So yes, I’ve felt a sense of guilt since becoming a full-time Amazon Seller because I enjoy the work. Selling on Amazon is now my full-time job and hobby – it just took me a minute to realize that is okay and that work can be fun!

No “Why”

There was a brief moment after becoming a full-time Amazon Seller that I lost my “why” and sense of purpose. Working in healthcare, this was obvious for a variety of reasons. Caring for patients at their weakest and most vulnerable moments is rewarding and it’s easy to see the “why” as their health starts to improve. But, after becoming a full-time Amazon Seller, I didn’t really know what my “why” was.

After having time to think and digest everything, I’ve been able to figure out my new “why” and sense of purpose.

I’m selling on Amazon and building an ecommerce business not only because I enjoy it, but because I also believe that it’s a critical component in our journey to financial independence. I want to have the freedom to enjoy life, only focus on things that matter, and build something that, hopefully someday, my husband and I can do together.

Someday, I hope to expand my business and offer more than just my words on this blog. This is only the beginning and excited to see what my “why” allows me to create!


I’ve always struggled with self-doubt; therefore, if I wasn’t doubting myself with this business venture then something would definitely be wrong!

I second guess myself far too often and my self-confidence tends to come and go. Some days I feel like I’m a successful Amazon Seller, while others (usually after a bad sales day) I question what the hell I’m even doing!

In all honesty, I think I’m just scared of failure. Like what if I’m not successful with selling on Amazon or managing an online business?

But even better… What if I am?

Never Satisfied

One thing that I’ve noticed since starting my Amazon Selling journey and going full-time is that I feel like I’m never satisfied. I want to do more, sell more, and make more. I always want to do and be better!

While this is usually a good thing and often leads to success, I also believe that it can be detrimental. Set realistic goals and work to achieve them, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey or how far you’ve come.

Being a full-time Amazon Seller and running an online business isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, even though that’s what it may look like on social media. To be honest, it might be one of the most challenging things I’ve done. So, the harsh reality is that there is a lot of shit full-time Amazon Sellers don’t talk about.

There will be a lot of good days, but there will also be a lot of bad days, and that’s okay! The feelings of loneliness, self-doubt, and fear have been overwhelming at times but, in a weird way, they’re also fuel for motivation. I’ve had to quickly learn to not let the negative energy take over, because your response on the bad days will ultimately determine your overall success as an Amazon Seller.

Oh and, in case you’re wondering, it’s completely normal to dream about account deactivation and inventory never selling as a full-time Amazon Seller. 🤣

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